Almost 10 years after its initial launching, the EU Strategy for the Danube region entered its first process of reviewing its main structure, objectives, targets, actions and projects. Since in June 2018, the ongoing process of updating the EUSDR Action Plan represents a very important step in the direction of relaunching Danube Strategy and aligning it to the post 2020 EU framework.

The revision of the EUSDR Action Plan is a complex process that requires both a political and a technical involvement of all stakeholders. The Romanian EUSDR Presidency continued the efforts made by Bulgaria during its 2018 mandate as Presidency-in-office of EUSDR,  of launching an inclusive, transparent and comprehensive process of consultations for the Revision of the Action Plan. The Romanian Presidency of EUSDR is comitted to work with all EUSDR countries, DG Regio/European Comission and other relevant stakeholders to the benefit of the Danube region and its citizens. Overall, the relaunching of the EUSDR and the Process of Revision of the Action Plan involve a lot of efforts and a strong willingness on part of member states of EUSDR countries.

In preparing the new programming period for cohesion 2020+, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region is revising its Action Plan. All EUSDR actors , including National Coordinators, Priority Coordinators and Steering Groups and Stakeholders from Danube countries, are currently involved in drafting their inputs for the new Action Plan of the EUSDR.

According to the UPDATED TIMELINE FOR THE REVISION OF THE EUSDR ACTION PLAN, endorsed at the meeting of the EUSDR National  Coordinators (14-15 February 2019), the first draft of the  Consolidated Proposal for the new Action Plan should be finished by the end of May 2019, based on the document endorsed through consensus on 15 February 2019 allowing for Structuring the Consolidated considerations of the NCs and PACs regarding the Revision.

Online consultations pageAs the Strategy is a bottom-up process, beside key-stakeholders, all interested citizens from the Danube Macro Region are being offered the opportunity to bring in their proposals for the new Action Plan. Therefore, on the 4th of April 2019, Danube Strategy Point launched an online consultation that allows to collect inputs from the general public. The persons interested to take part in the Revision Process are invited to send their proposals for new strategic projects and actions as a valuable input for the future Strategy.

Moreover, during the 8th Annual Forum of EUSDR from Bucharest (27-28 of June 2019), the Romanian Presidency of EUSDR will provide space for Public Hearings for a broader exchange with stakeholders and civil society on the Revision Process’ working documents.

Based on a series of consolidated inputs by all actors of the Strategy, the European Commission will use the consolidated proposal to draft the New Action Plan, after consulting the European Commission Services. Prospectively, the  Commission Staff Working Document is foreseen to be endorsed by the Ministers in charge of EUSDR governance from the Danube Region in October 2019.

In order to see the progress made in the revision process  during the 2019 mandate as Presidency of EUSDR, jointly with PACs and NCs, please follow the links below: